Saturday, April 14, 2012


We woke up to snow and bitterly cold strong winds. Steve was a dear and made breakfast even though he couldn't feel his fingers.

My hot tea was warm tea in a minute. Trying to pack up, and unhook cable TV was so hard because both our fingers were numb from the cold.

The trailer was cozy...not once were we cold during the night. We are off to Albuquerque.
ON THE ROAD: The amazing thing about this part of Arizona is the vastness of the land and sky. The storm clouds of every type slowly glide across the sky, ever changing. The mesas stand as guardians of the land, strong, bold and colorful. But, the snow and rain caught up with us.

Steve was amazing on the road! Wish we had found turnouts or safe exits to take pictures! We did stop at one exit where the truckers had stopped, just to scrape off the ice from the windshield.

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Location:Holbrook to Albuquerque

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