Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My last visit to Joshua and Abbey’s, Josh asked “Where is your Grandma’s bag?” A few years ago, I started carrying a bag filled with “fun” to share with Joshua. I thought he might not notice I forgot to bring my bag… should of known better. Little did I know how important that bag was to Joshua. 
Two of the art portfolios and crayon roll-up.
My grandma’s bag is a shopping bag filled with books, cards, and games to share with my grandchildren. I now realized, the fun activities stored in my Grandma’s bag during our short visits are special. Since we are planning trips to both William’s and Josh and Abbey’s homes the next couple weeks, I have sewn and added art portfolios and crayon roll-ups.  Since spring is here, I added a bucket with shovels for the garden fun, and special treats for Easter!  
William and Abbey have portfolios with triangle crayons. 
Joshua's portfolio has special colored pencils.

The crayon roll-up holds 16 crayons to share.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Being a long distance grandma is very quiet.  Each day we miss the squeals of joy, the banging of spoons on tables, and blocks clattering on the floor.  There are no snuggles with a baby waking up.

But I am very lucky; both my children call 3-4 days a week just to talk.  We share long distance hopes, dreams, and challenges.  It is not the same as sitting down together face to face, but both of my children keep us in their world with these precious phone calls.  Chris calls early in the morning on his way to work, or on his way home.  Jessica calls in the afternoon when she is waiting for Sean to come home.  Thank goodness I have such caring children who invite me into their world.  

My son Chris and my daughter Jessica
Sean, William and Jessica
Chris, Joshua, Jackie and Abigail

Monday, March 19, 2012

Grandma's dream for her grandchildren....

That they are kind, curious and forgiving,
That they are sensitive to the beauty surrounding them,
That they ask "what if" questions and search for the answers,
That they keep an open mind,
That they want to know,
That they set high goals...and they exceed those goals,
That they love learning and teaching others,
That they find joy in reading and writing,
That they appreciate and accept differences of opinion, culture and ideas, without prejudice.
That they never fail to see and help those less fortunate,
That they know people are more important than things,
That they are true and loyal to family and friends,
That they accept responsibility with grace,
That they laugh out loud with others and at themselves,
That they dance like nobody is watching,
That they builds people up, not tear them down,
That they stay strong in their body, mind and soul,
That they lead more than follow, listen more than talk,
That they makes a positive difference in the world,.
That their struggles make them stronger, not hopeless,
That they choose a profession with enthusiam and passion,
That they keep their word,
That they dare,
That they travel,
That they never, ever doubt they are loved,
That they live life to the fullest,
That they find one special love and create their own loving family,
That they depend on God's guidance, comfort, forgiveness, love always, in all ways.

Big Brother Joshua

Sweet William
Beautiful Abigail