Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Quilt Club

Quilt club is a gathering of caring and talented women of all ages who love to quilt and more! There is no agenda, no dues, no committee reports, just a gathering of fun loving women!

13 years ago a small group of women thought they would teach themselves to quilt all on their class, just a book on quilting to guide them! This group has grown to a group of about thirty. We cheer each other on, work together to understand directions. Some have donated creations to Children's Hospital, Veteran's Hospital, Operation Smile, and a variety of local charities.

This doll is the model for a collection of 300 dolls to be donated to needy children from the valley. A member of the quilt club is organizing this effort in between her own sewing and crocheting.

Just amazing women from our community.
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